The main definition of car and its parts

All the people in the world have a car. It became the basic need for all the persons. The main use of the car is for transportation. Car is a four wheeled automobile used for transportation to long distances. Since Car acts as a basic need, It costs is getting increased day by day. There are several companies that provide car at cheaper rates. The car has a good advantage as transportation. The main disadvantage of the car is its maintenance. Nowadays the price of the maintenance is getting increased than the cost. The service sector is fast developing because of its maintenance. Maintenance is nothing but the servicing the car, maintaining the car tires, battery and the overall checkup of the car. The main and important components of the car for its smooth function are listed below. The main car battery is the main component of the Car. The electricity from this battery is used to function the head light and Fm during the off of the vehicle. The Engine will get started only from the current from this battery. Several main functions are also done by this battery. They use only a very low voltage battery and always placed near to the engine in the hood.

Car maintenance scheme offered by the companies

Mainly service sector are the sector has a high growth. The companies also provide many service and repair offers to make use of it. Some companies are expert at car battery service, which provide service to the battery and replacement of the battery in certain cases. The condition may last long when the vehicle should be drive regularly. The car should be serviced regularly. Keep the battery clean to last the life of the car batteries. Some companies are expert at car tyres. They provide secure service for the tyres. They check the wheel balancing and wheel alignment with pressurized air filled. They also check the rotation type of the tyres. The complete services are also provided by several companies. The reputable car workshop in Singapore is the top company for car maintenance. They provide perfect maintenance of the car. They also provide a quality and good service with lower fares. This company will provide several schemes for servicing the car. They also do the full service of the car under lower price with good range. They have high tech machines and a required amount of man power. The car servicing should be done once in a year.

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