Tips For Making Your Floor Shine

The floors in our offices need to shine like glass.  When they do, people have a confidence that the building is fresh and clean.  However, if our floors are dull and scuffed then people will typically turn away or have a negative view of our business.  One way that you can go and remove this conflict is by having a nice wax job done on the floors.  To accomplish this, hire commercial floor waxing san jose experts to make your floors shine.

Remove all furniture

The first step is to remove all the furniture and obstacles from the floor.  If your room is too large or if this is not really practical then you will want to move everything to one side of the room complete the process and then when dry move everything back and complete the second side.  This will take longer but will result in a shiny floor just the same.

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Use scuff pads

As you walk along the floor use scuff pads to remove any black marks or imperfections in your floor.  This will help ensure that you don’t put a coat of wax over these marks.  From there do a thorough sweeping for as well as a damp mop.  When this process is over you will have a floor that is prepped for waxing.

When waxing you want to take your time.  Use a fresh clean mop and some wax.  In some cases you can use a little water to help with the wax dispersal but make sure that the ingredients on the wax will support water.  Water and wax generally don’t mix and if you do it may bubble up.

Stay off the floor

After applying the wax make sure to stay off of the floor.  You will want to do this when there is no one else in the building or if there will be any chance of intrusion.  Wax will typically dry in thirty to sixty minutes depending on the humidity of the room.  You want to give it a good twelve to twenty four hours though to ensure that you won’t have any issues.